our goal is:
Common Progress 
it defines us, unites us
& drives us!

Our core values are just a glimpse of who we are, and as times change we adapt, we overcome and we grow. 

These values govern our actions and services, pushing us to work tirelessly to achieve our goals, without losing sight of who we are.


Quality and safety come together in Common Progress, as we aim for the highest level of quality in all of our services, without ever compromising on the safety and well-being of our crews at sea.
High quality of our services is vital to the success of our business goals. 

We comply with ISO 9001 standards and management quality requirements in order to deliver excellent results in all our areas of responsibility.

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We abide by the highest standards and ethical principles of professional behavior both in our offices and at sea. Our ethos at Common Progress has been tested through the times and we have grown to be a trustworthy and dependable maritime shipping company. We will get the job done with the utmost sincerity and transparency towards our charterers, suppliers, and employees.



Since our beginning, we have continuously supported our country, with the majority of our fleet under the Greek Flag. 

We are dedicated to building and maintaining enduring professional relationships with colleagues, charterers, and banks.

Furthermore, we aim to build a collaborative and co-operative workplace in order for us to progress together.

We treat others in a manner that we would want to be treated.