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Shipboard safety and the prevention of accidents, which could result to damage to the environment and property, as well as the health of all the crewmembers on board the ships, are considered, by the Company, to be matters of top priority. 

On this view, the Company's Organisation and Operation system:

  • Is committed to achieving efficient operational and Safety standards, on board the company’s ships and

Concentrates on:

  • ​Meeting the requirements of the ISM Code which sets the Safety Management standards for the "Safe Operation of Ships and Pollution Prevention".

  • Complying with the valid mandatory rules and regulations concerning safety and environmental protection.

  • Providing for safe practices in ship operation, and a safe working environment, in order to protect the life and health of its employees and of those involved in the ships in general.

  • Operating in an environmentally friendly manner.

  • Establishing safeguards against identified risks.

  • Avoiding damage to public property.

  • Improving the safety management skills of personnel ashore and onboard the company’s ships.

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