The Operations department is responsible for the day to day running of the vessels and the prevention or solutions of any issues that may arise. Loading and discharging of vessels, port activities, pilotage, towage, wharfage, dockage, canal transits, and bunkering, are all supervised by the operations department. It is run by ex Master Mariners with a long experience in sea and shore operations. Their professionalism contributes to the company's reputation as a successful and quality manager in the dry cargo market and its members enjoy the respect and appreciation of both their colleagues and vessel crew. Maintaining the vessels in a high standard of upkeep is paramount to the department, ensuring cargoes are safely and efficiently transported, and the crew works in a safe environment.

The Operations Department also manages the Personnel, Purchasing, and Security Departments.


The Technical department is run by people with both academic qualifications and seagoing experience. It is staffed by engineers and naval architects with substantial experience and expert knowledge in a wide range of technical matters. Technical issues affecting the everyday operation of vessels are closely monitored, ensuring excellent quality machinery and equipment as well as high standards of maintenance. Extensive preparation and detailed specification reports for repairs and drydocks keep expenditure under control, while supervision by superintendents in shipyards and ports all over the world ensures that the vessels receive the best possible attention. This process is assisted by our planned maintenance computer program, which keeps a detailed record of past and future needs, identifying potential dangers — resulting in a low number of accidents throughout the company's long history. Great care is also taken over classification-related matters and validity of the class certificates.


The Post Fixture department is responsible for invoicing and collecting hire and freight payments. It also deals with all post fixing matters, like laytime calculations, agency appointments, etc. Disputes, cargo claims, and other such legal matters are also a big part of this department, which liaises with P&I, defense clubs and lawyers in order to handle them effectively.


The company employs registered accountants who deal with all accounting matters relating to an international shipping company. Audited financial results are produced yearly by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

The company also has a finance department that manages equity and debt and invests the company’s cash in a diversified way, to achieve maximum returns.

Common Progress has an excellent reputation for safe and prudent transportation and has been able to obtain insurance coverage consistent with best market practices since it began operations in 1983. At present, the company places its hull and machinery insurances through Jardine Lloyd Thomson in the Lloyds of London market. Protection and indemnity risks are entered with the UK P&I club and the North of England P&I club, Defense insurance with the UK Defense Club and War Risk insurance with the Hellenic War Risk club.


The purchasing department ensures the prompt supply of ships with provisions and stores, updated publications, charts, and manuals. It ensures that suppliers' deliveries are of the best quality and in accordance with the orders agreed. Their performance is continuously evaluated in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness to determine their future assignment. The main operation of the purchasing department is based on an in-house developed software system, that permits the direct transmission of vessels' inquiries to the office. The database formed includes all kinds of stores and provisions, marine paints and nautical publications, and is continuously updated.


The IT department controls the IT software and hardware of the company and vessels, as well as the satellite communications.

The department uses state-of-the-art methods and tools in modern development analysis and design. Microsoft’s ASP.NET 2.0, Visual Studio.Net and Microsoft Visio are used to create a modern web-based Information System, throughout the company and onboard our vessels.

The department develops well-defined, custom-built modules built to support and enhance the company’s everyday business. A Unified Messaging System, plus software solutions for Planned maintenance, Classification, Operations, Purchasing, and Crewing are some of the modules implemented and fully functional at this moment.

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The personnel department is responsible for manning the vessels with a qualified and competent crew. It deals with all personnel matters, starting from familiarizing the crew with the company's system, to coordinating their safe traveling. Over the years, the personnel department has built a large database of skilled and trusted sea staff, whose wish is to be employed again in one of the company's vessels. The company aims to employ a mixture of long-serving, loyal personnel, as well as newcomers who aim to inherit the experience. Their fitness and performance are constantly monitored and training is recommended on an individual basis, in order to ensure safety on board.


The security department constantly checks international regulation security updates and ensures they are adhered to by the ship. It monitors port safety levels and operates to prevent the occurrence of a security incident by unlawful or terrorist activities. The company enforces ISPS Code Part A and Part B and the U.S. Coast Guard NVIC 10-02, regarding security on board the fleet.