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Common Progress Co Na S.A. aims to provide quality sea transportation services to its charterers and high standards of bulk carrier ship operation and maintenance. 

To achieve those goals, the company has set in place a Quality and Safety Management system whose purpose is to ensure that:

  • The company’s operation meets customers, statutory, and management requirements.

  • The company establishes targets to be achieved.

  • The company reviews and evaluates results from established procedures.

  • The company continually improves the effectiveness of the documented procedures.

To this extent, the company determines the processes needed for a quality management system, the sequence, and interaction, the risks, criteria, and methods to ensure that:

  • Cargoes are transported safely, quickly, and reliably.

  • Ships are always in conformity with the requirements of the National and International rules and regulations, including ISO 9001:2015, ISM and ISPS Codes.

  • Office and ship personnel understand the company’s aims and work as efficiently as possible towards their achievement.

The necessary procedures required to achieve the purposes set out above, are included in the company’s operating manuals and are regularly reviewed to ensure consistency and effectiveness. 

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